The Community of Practice (CoP) for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs

The Community of Practice (CoP) for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs also known as the High-Performance Entrepreneurs’ Ring is a knowledge sharing; marketplace; learning; entrepreneurship, marketing; and market research hub; language and skills share; and capacity building space for Entrepreneurs with Caribbean roots in all the Caribbean Diaspora markets worldwide (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Pacific). The B2B networking and learning space also provides bridges into foreign markets through the diaspora network, face-to-face meetups (virtual and physical). For the GTA Meetups are last Saturdays of the month. Join advertise, speak, conduct market research, mentor, learn, get to know each other, build trust, in a Community designed for Caribbean immigrant business success. Here it is social learning plus buy and sell. You are free to promote, connect, and secure your sales within this CoP. A CoP with a marketplace. Let’s do it. Share, research, learn, and build high-performing businesses. The CoP is housed in a Social Learning Group on Facebook because the platform is ideal for delivering the learning, research, networking, and marketplace functions of the CoP.

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