mai, 2020

12maiJournée complèteExploring MOMpreneurs & Women in Entrepreneurship - Balancing Both Business & Family Winter Spring 2020MontrealMontreal


For some moms, starting a business is a means of creating a better life for themselves and their families. However, running your own business is rarely easy!
Join us as our panel of inspiring women entrepreneurs share business advice on how to effectively balance running a business and a household at the same time. Learn how they managed their time and identified resources and support. These established MOMpreneurs will share their challenges, successes and recommendations related to launching and growing both their online and offline businesses.


Paulina Podgorska, /, Founder
Tinka Markham Piper, Solve My Space, Chaos Counselor
Julie Cusmariu, Podcast Host/Producer of Julie in Conversation

(Workshop includes a networking session after the presentation. Refreshments will be provided.)

Pre-registration is required. This workshop is available as a free live, online streaming webinar only. Limited spaces available.


Journée complète (Mardi)