juin, 2020

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Although increasing diversity in tech has not been easy, it’s both a moral imperative and great for the bottom line. Diverse teams outperform, out-innovate and out-create homogenous teams. Yet in the past two record-breaking years of #VC capital deployment, female-founded companies only received 11.8% of funding in 2019.

As we navigate the current economic downturn, we need to seize the opportunity to seed the founding, funding, and scaling of the next generation of start-ups—a generation distinguished by its vision and equity. We believe women are the architects of tomorrow’s economy.

Therefore, we are excited to announce the partnership between EU-funded programmes of UN Women (WE EMPOWER, Win-Win, and WeEmpowerAsia) with Impulse4women co-hosting a two-day online #MentorshipSession event where women-led tech startups and social impact projects (no gender or tech focus) will be able to talk about solutions to specific business needs with European experts.

This unique event affords startups the opportunity to get invaluable advice from experts in free 30-minute online mentoring sessions geared towards accelerating their success.

JOIN HERE and a play a part in creating a tech culture where women are leading, shaping, and funding the future.


juin 25 (Jeudi) - 26 (Vendredi)




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