Empowering Women in Venture Capital: Transformative Strategies for Inclusion and Impact in the Canadian Venture Capital Ecosystem

The venture capital (VC) industry contributes significantly to the economic development of Canada. Despite recent progress, the VC industry is plagued by many challenges, like starting a career in the VC industry, as well as retention and advancement of women and their representation at all career levels. As the field develops, researchers and practitioners are tasked with finding best practices for remedying inadequacies that emerge; however, they often come up short of a one-size-fits-all approach due to limited research. 

This report provides a comprehensive investigation of the state of women’s representation in the Canadian VC ecosystem and identifies barriers and drivers of success at different levels. The goal is to offer actionable recommendations at the societal (macro), organizational (meso) and individual (micro) level to improve women’s entry, advancement and impact in the industry.

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