Evaluation of the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses

The Evaluation, Performance Measurement and Review Branch (EPMRB), in compliance with
the Treasury Board Policy on Evaluation, has conducted an evaluation of the Procurement
Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB) and its related activities, including the Aboriginal
Workforce Participation Initiative. The purpose of the evaluation was to provide a neutral
evidence-based assessment of program relevance and performance to inform decision making on
resource allocation and reallocation, and to support policy and program improvement where
required. PSAB outcomes and activities are under the Strategic Outcome The Land and
Recognizing that Aboriginal businesses are under-represented among firms seeking and winning
federal government procurement opportunities, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
Canada (AANDC) partnered with Public Works and Government Services Canada to develop the
PSAB in 1995. With its introduction, the Government of Canada recognized that, while serving
its primary purpose of obtaining required goods and services at market rates, procurement is also
a tool for Aboriginal businesses to grow by gaining experience, developing capacity, and
forming partnerships with other businesses to compete for procurement opportunities. PSAB was
intended to support and foster economic growth in the Aboriginal business sector through greater
participation in government procurement. PSAB came into effect on April 1, 1996, pursuant to
the Treasury Board’s Contracting Policy, making it a government-wide policy, applicable to all
federal departments and agencies designated as departments for the purposes of the Financial
Administration Act (with the exception of the Canada Revenue Agency). PSAB is led by
AANDC under the authority of Treasury Board contract policy notices.
The Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative carries out advocacy activities to educate and
inform employers about the advantages of hiring Aboriginal people; to support partnerships with
various stakeholders to increase the capacity of employers to recruit, promote and retain
Aboriginal employees; and to bring all employers, existing and potential Aboriginal employees
and other parties together.
The scope of this evaluation covers the period from 2007-2008 and 2012-2013. This evaluation
was conducted by EPMRB with the support of Auguste Solutions and Associates Inc. conducting
key informant interviews external to the federal government, and Harris Decima managing the
implementation of an online and telephone-based survey. The final report was completed by

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