Profile of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Canadian cultural industries

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have become a dynamic and important part of the Canadian economy. In the cultural industries, SMEs have traditionally played a key role in advancing the development of the Canadian cultural sector and the public policy objectives within the sector.
• Cultural SMEs are noteworthy for telling Canadian stories to Canadians, showcasing Canadian artistic and technical talent, and reflecting Canadian values back to Canadians.
• Cultural SMEs have traditionally been an efficient vehicle for the development of artistic and technical talent for larger Canadian and multinational entertainment companies.
• Cultural SMEs are a significant generator of skills-based jobs as part of Canada’s knowledge-based economy, as well as a major contributor to innovation, economic activity, and job creation.
• To further understand the economic contribution of cultural SMEs and the issues and challenges they face, the Department of Canadian Heritage commissioned Nordicity Group Ltd. to develop a profile of SMEs in the cultural industries.

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