Women’s entrepreneurship study

Representing 97.9% of Canada’s businesses, small businesses are the
lifeblood of the Canadian economy. But, for small businesses to truly
thrive, Canada needs an inclusive economy where business owners of
all backgrounds can realize success.

Driven by this vision and as an enabler of small business growth, PayPal
Canada conducted an in-depth landscape study to better understand
women’s entrepreneurship in Canada. Bringing greater clarity to the
experiences faced by women small business owners is particularly
relevant given the Canadian federal government’s focus on women’s

PayPal Canada’s study findings exposed a 58% revenue gap, with
women entrepreneurs earning $68,000 less annually than their male
peers running similar businesses. Ultimately, bridging this revenue gap
could unlock an additional $88.2 billion in contribution to the
Canadian economy.

Narrowing such a significant discrepancy in earnings between women
and men entrepreneurs is no small task. However, study findings show
that e-commerce tools play a pivotal role in closing the revenue gap,
and increasing the earning potential for women entrepreneurs. In fact,
women entrepreneurs using e-commerce tools reported earning 75%
more than female peers who do not sell online. Increased access to
capital was also highlighted as a revenue catalyst, yet access to
funding remains a barrier.

Women entrepreneurs in Canada are pulling many of the right levers
to position their businesses for success. With the right tools and
support, women entrepreneurs can unlock tremendous benefit for the
Canadian economy and for all Canadians.

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