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Women need to see successful entrepreneurs so they can dare to become one.

Women Entrepreneurs Are:

Pioneering new technology business models

Shahrzad Rafati

Founder and CEO, Broadband TV – Vancouver, BC

After graduating from computer science at the University of British Columbia. Shahzrad identified an opportunity in the new online video world: to connect content owners, creators, audiences and advertisers. She attracted a $36 million investment in 2013 and built Broadband TV into a global, digital entertainment company – the third largest video property in the world, right after Google and Facebook. Shahzrad is credited with pioneering new technology and business models.

Flying high in transportation

Teara Fraser

LEO and Founder, Iskwew Air – Richmond, BC

For Teara Fraser, LEO and founder of Iskwew Air, the sky is nowhere near the limit. At the age of 30, Teara first realized her passion for aviation while on a flight in Africa. Since then, she’s been unstoppable. Teara is a proud Métis bridge builder, commercial pilot and the former CEO of Kîsik Aerial Survey, an air operation she built from the ground up. As a trailblazing pioneer in aviation and the first Indigenous woman to launch an airline in Canada, Teara continues to soar to new heights in uncharted territories.

Developing environmentally friendly products

Patrice Mousseau

CEO and Founder, Satya Organic Skin Care – Coquitlam, BC

Patrice Mousseau is a social entrepreneur impacting global change. She started Satya Organic Skin Care to fulfill a need that hit close to home. After her eight-month-old daughter developed eczema, Patrice knew she had to find a way to help. Today, her organic care products used to treat a number of varying skin conditions are available in 800 stores across Canada. With each purchase of a Satya Stick, funding goes to support environmental projects in developing countries.

Defining social entrepreneurship

Suzanne Siemens

Co-Founder and CEO, Aisle – Vancouver, BC

While feeling dissatisfied and burnt out from her career as a controller of a publicly traded company, a series of traumatizing personal events were the catalyst for Suzanne to switch careers to work that was more meaningful and aligned with her values. She co-founded Lunapads (now known as Aisle) which is a product line of reusable feminine hygiene products and performance underwear. Aisle seeks to remove shame and secrecy around menstruation and bladder leakage, while providing an affordable and sustainable product. Suzanne has no regrets about making the switch: being a social entrepreneur has given her the opportunity to travel, speak, and continuously learn while enjoying a rewarding family life.

Lifting Indigenous authors

Nicole McLaren

Founder and CEO, RavenReads – Logan Lake, BC

Nicole didn’t expect that her book club would turn into a business, but it did: She is the founder and CEO of Raven Reads. Nicole, who has Métis, Cree and European heritage, chose Indigenous authors for her book club with co-workers and found that the books created a greater understanding of indigenous experiences. For Nicole, the book club naturally evolved into Raven Reads, her subscription-based company that sends quarterly boxes with a book by an Indigenous author as well as products made by Indigenous artisans. Raven Reads has subscribers across North America, offering boxes for both adults and children.

Moving money

Geeta Sankappanavar

CEO of Akira Impact, Co-Founder, President, Grafton Asset Management – Calgary, AB

Geeta Sankappanavar is an impact-driven thought leader breaking ground in the energy sector. Through her work as co-founder and president of the Calgary-based corporation, Grafton Asset Management, Geeta invested just over $1 billion to Calgary companies. Geeta has also served on a number of different non-profit and for-profit boards, including Daytona Power Co., UNICEF Canada, Pipestone Energy Corp and the Palix Foundation. In her current role as CEO of Akira Impact, Geeta is advocating for a global agenda that will directly impact gender equality, water and energy projects.

Lifting others while they rise

Manjit Minhas

Co-Founder and CEO, Minhas Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries – Calgary, AB

Manjit Minhas is brewing up a storm in the beer and spirits industry. Manjit runs the 10th largest brewery in the world, which to date has produced over 90 brands of beers, spirits, liquor and wine and is currently worth an estimated $187 m. Over the years, Manjit has branded herself as a standout expert in brand development, marketing, sales management, and brewing operations distribution and manufacturing. Minhas is most widely known for her role as a celebrity judge on Dragons Den, defying gender stereotypes while also paving new pathways for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Bootstrapping ventures

Michele Romanow

Founder, Clearbanc – Calgary, AB

Michele Romanow is an unstoppable force in the sphere of tech entrepreneurship. She’s come a long way since starting her first business, a coffee shop founded in 2006 while studying at Queen’s University. Now, her long list of accomplishments includes tech entrepreneur, board director, venture capitalist, and television personality as the youngest cast member on Dragon’s Den. A self-described “serial entrepreneur”, Michele has founded five companies, three of which did not raise any external funding – but now as the co-founder of Clearbanc, a financial services platform for startups, she is focused on providing alternative financing options for young companies struggling to get off the ground.

Streamlining the divorce process

Karen Stewart

Founder and CEO, Fairway Divorce Solutions – Calgary, AB

When Karen went through the divorce process herself, she paid over $500 thousand in legal bills alone and knew that there had to be a better, streamlined way to do it. She founded Fairway Divorce Solutions, Canada’s first national divorce company where she continues to serve as CEO. Karen As a Chartered Mediator, she developed a step-by-step divorce process from start to finish. The Fairway model was franchised in 2008, and there are locations across Canada from B.C. to Ontario. Her unique resolution model works with high net work clients to successfully move people through emotionally and financially complicated divorces.

Leading tech innovation

Katherine Regnier

CEO of Coconut Software – Saskatoon, SK

Coconut Software was born in 2011, after founder and CEO Katherine Regnier took a rather daring move to quit her full-time job so she could focus solely on building the company. Since founding her company, Regnier has successfully raised over $11 million and expanded her team to close to 50 employees. Regnier is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurs and women in technology. She freely shares her knowledge in the efforts to support young women business owners and hopefully open up more opportunities for them in the world of tech innovation. She hopes to one day be seen as a symbol for women everywhere in the fields of tech and STEM.

Transforming health care services

Elba Haid

President and CEO, Realcare Inc. – Winnipeg, MB

Elba Haid is the beating heart behind what compassionate healthcare looks like today. In 1996, Elba founded Real Care Inc, a leader in home and institutional healthcare services. An active member of the community, Elba has served on many boards including the Manitoba Theater Centre and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). In 2018, Elba was instrumental in the development of The Gail Asper Award, which is given to outstanding individuals who demonstrate exemplary leadership in a field. Elba is a passionate advocate for women who donated $100,000 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation as part of a $1 million initiative to save women’s lives.

Fuelling success through financial literacy

Evelyn Jacks

Founder and President, Knowledge Bureau – Winnipeg, MB

Evelyn Jacks is the founder and president of Knowledge Bureau, Canada’s leading financial national education institute for professionals in the tax and financial services. As a firm advocate of lifelong learning, her career as a respected tax educator has been solely dedicated to helping men and women discover their limitless potential. Evelyn is a prolific author of 55 tax and financial books, on a number of different topics, including personal tax and family wealth management. She is also a national commentator on federal and provincial budgets, tax planning and personal wealth management and made several guest appearances on national media outlets to discuss current tax and economic issues.

Powering the world on plant-based protein

Hailey Jeffries

Co-Founder and President, Prairie Fava – Glenboro, MB

After earning her business degree in Toronto, Hailey moved back to Brandon, Manitoba to get involved in the family farming business. Already growing fava beans for livestock feed, Hailey looked for new markets for the high-protein, plant-based protein. Recognizing the market need for processed fava ingredients, she undertook the necessary research and development to make her fava products marketable. She found help in the Calgary-based accelerator called District Ventures, founded by Dragons Den’s Arlene Dickenson. Now, Prairie Fava sells processed plant-based protein ingredients in a number of markets across North America and Asia, and continues to attract funding for further capacity-building.

Representing Canada on the world stage

Priti Shah

CEO, Praxis Consulting – Winnipeg, MB

Lawyer and consultant Priti Shah is the CEO of Praxis Consulting in Winnipeg. She has been open about her personal experiences with racism in Canada and has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations build inclusive spaces. In 1997, she set out to build her own consulting firm and has not looked back. Priti’s background as a former legal counsel for the Canadian Disability Rights Council uniquely situated her to provide a wide spectrum of expertise to her clients. What sets Praxis apart from other consulting firms? Praxis offers a unique one-stop shop for legal services as well as workplace culture and development consulting.

Harnessing science to feed the world

Susan Niczowski

Founder and President, Summer Fresh Salads – Toronto, ON

As president of Summer Fresh Salads, Susan Niczowski is adding a dash of passion and brilliance to the food industry. In 1991 she founded her company Summer Fresh Salads with her mother in response to what she saw as a gap in the market for consumers looking for fresh foods that they could grab-and-go. Today, Summer Fresh Salads brings in nearly $100 million in sales a year and continues to grow. Susan has a background in microbiology and uses her scientific curiosity to birth new ideas that will promote fresh, wholesome foods for today’s everyday consumer.

Redesigning and building businesses

Mandy Rennehan

CEO, Freshco – Yarmouth, NS

At just 19 years old, Mandy Rennehan founded Freshco, “not the grocery store”, one of the largest retail maintenance companies in the country. The now-booming construction empire was birthed out of her early experiences growing up as one of six children in a Nova Scotian fisherman’s family. Today, Freshco has three collaborative divisions serving big-name retail brands including Apple, Banana Republic, Bell Media, Home Depot, Nike, RBC, and Tiffany & Co. As a leading business owner, Mandy is a prominent advocate for women in the trades while succeeding to knock down barriers that exist for women in the construction industry.

Redefining brands

Nadine Spencer

CEO, BrandEQ; President, Black Business Professional Association – Toronto, ON

Nadine Spencer is standing out on top in the communications world. As the CEO of BrandEQ Nadine is a top-level branding expert and communicator who helps accelerate strategic growth and brand visibility for leading global non-profit and corporate organizations.  She also applies her considerable talents as the volunteer President of the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA) which she has built into one of the most influential business organizations in Canada.

Leading technology startups

Emma Todd

Founder and CEO, MMH Blockchain Group – Toronto, ON

Emma Todd is a larger-than-life innovator who is taking the technology world by storm in her role as CEO of the MMH Blockchain Group. As a Black woman serving in the largely underrepresented tech sector, Todd is charting new territory, having gone head to head with some of the biggest tech tycoons in the world. In addition to her work in financial consulting, she is known widely as the host of the world’s longest-running mining conference, the largest free blockchain event in Canada.

Taking on the world’s “to-do list”

Vicki Saunders

Founder, SheEO – Toronto, ON

For most women entrepreneurs, funding is one of the biggest barriers to the growth of their business. That’s why Vicki Saunders created SheEO, an initiative to radically transform how we finance women entrepreneurs. What started out as a crowdfunding campaign has since expanded to a thriving international community on a path to a $1 billion fund. Through SheEO, nearly 100 ventures led and owned by women-identified and non-binary entrepreneurs have received funding from SheEO’s radically generous Activators. Vicki is a social-driven entrepreneur who has run four ventures in Europe, Toronto, and Silicon Valley.

Building inclusion

Maayan Ziv

Founder and CEO, Access Now – Toronto, ON

Maayan Ziv is paving the way to a more accessible world, one step at a time. In 2015, she founded AccessNow, a crowdsourced platform designed to map out the most accessible spots worldwide. As a prominent disability advocate, Maayan frequently speaks out in the media to raise awareness on disability issues and work towards greater inclusivity. Currently, she serves as an advisor to the Government of Canada on disability and inclusion initiatives. AccessNow is currently mobilizing voices in an estimated 34 countries around the world.

Crushing stereotypes in tech

Huda Idrees

Founder and CEO, Dot Health – Toronto, ON

Huda Idrees is the Founder and CEO of Dot Health, a real-time personal health data platform. With a background in engineering from the University of Toronto she has had a prolific career at some of Toronto’s best known startups including Wattpad, Wave, and Wealthsimple. Her latest venture is transforming the way people access and control their own health information for good.

Leading in fintech

Eva Wong

Co-Founder, Borrowell – Toronto, ON

Eva, a former management consultant, did not have a background in technology or in financial services prior to co-founding Borrowell but rose to the challenge of leading a fintech startup. Borrowell is now one of Canada’s largest financial technology companies, with more than 900,000 members and partnerships with most of Canada’s financial institutions. Borrowell helps people make great decisions about credit by providing free credit score and report monitoring, automated credit coaching tools, and AI-driven financial product recommendations. The data team at Borrowell is gender balanced, reflecting Eva’s commitment to support women in tech and in technical roles.

Scaling passions into empires

Tonia Jahshan

President and Founder, Steeped Tea – Ancaster, ON

Tonia Jahshan turned a passion for loose-leaf tea into a small business, and turned that small business into an empire with more than $20 million annual sales. After appearing on Dragon’s Den while 8 months pregnant, she successfully pitched her direct-sales tea company to investors David Chilton and Jim Treliving. Along with other investors, Steeped Tea has grown into a successful company in both Canada and the US. In 2016, Tonia earned the number 1 spot on W100’s list of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs. As a keynote speaker, Tonia shares her story and seeks to inspire others to follow their passions.

Moving millions

Louise Vonk

Owner and President, Messenger Freight Systems – St. Thomas, ON

After leaving her 9-5 job in banking, Louise Vonk grew the family business Messenger Freight Systems from $1 million to $13 million in annual sales. In a fiercely competitive and notoriously male-dominated industry, her unique approach paid off. Her secret? Great customer service that differentiated the company from others. Despite being named one of Canada’s top entrepreneurs by Chatelaine and Canadian Business Magazine in 2014, Louise is perhaps most proud that Messenger’s success has brought recognition to her small town of St. Thomas, Ontario.

Investing in their communities

Jenn Harper

Founder, Cheekbone Beauty – Niagara, ON

For Jenn, cosmetics are a powerful tool for self-expression. Seeing a gap in the market for a Canadian-made, cruelty and paraben-free product, she founded Cheekbone Beauty. Cheekbone donates 10% of proceeds to the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society, a non-profit that promotes the safety and wellbeing of First Nations children and their families. Jenn is committed to pursuing her vision of Cheekbone as a socially-responsible enterprise, and turned down an offer from Dragons Den’s Vincenzo Guzzo. Jenn aspires to be the first Indigenous woman to run a $1 billion cosmetics company, and become so big that no Indigenous kid will ever question their beauty or their worth ever again.

Driving growth in tech

Carol Leaman

CEO, Axonify Inc. – Kitchener, ON

Carol Leaman knew from a young age that she wanted to be a leader in the business world. Today, she’s accomplished that and more. She’s the former CEO of PostRank Inc., a social engagement analytics company acquired by Google, as well as CEO at RSS Solutions and Fakespace Systems. As CEO and co-founder of Axonify, Carol has leveraged her extensive tech leadership experience and her intuition to grow the company into a leader in corporate learning. Carol is widely considered to be one of Canada’s leading women in tech and is a sought-after speaker.

Innovating kid-tested, parent-approved solutions

Melissa Hyslop

Founder & President, Malarkey Kids – Burlington, ON

Being an entrepreneur wasn’t always the plan for Melissa. She developed her signature product, the Munch Mitt, as a necessary solution to her son’s pain and discomfort while teething. Preferring to chew on his hands instead of traditional teethers, he developed eczema, but the Munch Mitt provided him a safe and comfortable alternative. Melissa’s solution to a common problem was wildly popular with parents across North America. As the founder of Malarky Kids, she’s branched out to develop other functional products for young children. Her line can be found online and in retails stores across North America including Nordstrom and Target.

Leading hotel empires

Reetu Gupta

President and CEO, The Easton’s Group of Hotels/ The Gupta Group; Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Rogue Insight Capital – Toronto, ON

Reetu runs an empire in the Canadian hospitality industry as the President and CEO of The Easton’s Group of Hotels/ The Gupta Group. Reetu has transformed the family company into an industry leader with a portfolio of hotels spanning across Ontario and Montreal. She has also expanded and diversified the family business as the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Rogue Insight Capital, an angel investment firm headquartered in Toronto. It comes as no surprise that Reetu has been named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network twice in the past two years.

Innovating intimates

Joanna Griffiths

Founder and CEO, Knix – Toronto, ON

Joanna Griffiths is the Founder and CEO of Knix, the functional, high-tech intimate apparel brand that has taken Canada by storm. Joanna is the innovating force behind Knix’s built-for-comfort products, including leak-free period underwear and wireless bras. Since launching the company in 2013, Joanna has built Knix into one of the fastest growing intimate apparel brands globally. Knix’s branding and outreach campaigns are partly to thank for Joanna’s success, showcasing the real women who comprise Knix’s customer base and removing stigma around menstruation, fertility, and postpartum experiences.

Growing their businesses and empowering others to do the same

Danièle Henkel

President, Danièle Henkel Cosmetics – Montréal, QC

Danièle Henkel, founder and CEO of Daniele Henkel Enterprises, is a force to be reckoned with in the entrepreneurship world. In her current role, she markets avant-garde and non-invasive technologies for medical aesthetic centers. After fleeing an Algerian civil war, Henkel immigrated to Canada where she created her first product: an exfoliating body glove. She has placed herself at the forefront of health care innovation through the development of medico-aesthetic express services and a wide range of cosmetic products. DanieleHenkel.TV is her platform dedicated to advancing other women entrepreneurs.

Rocking the world stage

Celine Dion

Founder, Feelings Inc. – Charlemagne, QC

Most people may not think “entrepreneur” when they hear “Celine Dion”. They should think again. Her company, Les Productions Feeling Inc or Feeling, the Quebec-based artist-management company behind Dion’s widely successful career which has spanned the globe, is estimated to be worth almost $1 billion. Singer, producer and artist specialist, Céline is a music icon whose chart-topping hits have charmed millions she is also, like many artists, a consummate entrepreneur.

Harnessing tech to solve pain points

Katherine Homuth

CEO, Sheertex – Montréal, QC

Katherine Homuth is providing a solution to a problem that affects most women throughout their lives.  She makes pantyhose last longer. The Y Combinator graduate raised $14 million for Sheertex, which makes rip-proof pantyhose harnessing leading technology – patent-pending antimicrobial material, made of ballistic-grade fibers, and should last dozens of wears. Sheertex has grown into a business with more than 140 employees that expects $10 million in revenue this year.

Creating inclusive businesses

Vickie Joseph

Co-Founder and General Manager, Nu.i by Vickie – Laval, QC

As an eminent fashion icon, Vickie Joseph is lighting up the global fashion world in elevated brilliance. In 2006, Joseph founded Nu.i by Vickie, an exclusive women’s clothing line breaking the mold of traditional beauty stereotypes. She is also cofounder of Groupe 3737, one of the largest private business incubators in Quebec. In 2015, Vickie co-founded V Kosmetik, an inclusive line of cosmetics. Over the years, Vickie and her husband Frantz Saintellemy have invested over 4 million dollars in the neighbourhood of Saint Michel, where she grew up. Vickie – who remains committed to catering to traditionally underserved areas – is a highly inspiring figure for the aspiring female entrepreneur.

Leading in AI

Sarah Jenna

Co-Founder and CEO, My Intelligent Machines – Montreal, QC

Sarah Jenna has a knack for translating research into business, which has allowed her AI startup My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) to thrive. She is a Professor in Genomics at the University of Quebec in Montreal, as well as the CEO and co-Founder MIMs. MIMs is a leader in artificial intelligence and systems biology, and is one of five companies in Canada to be selected for a Google Accelerator targeting the most promising women-led startups. Sarah leads a gender balanced team, with half the team (including more than half of the executive team) being composed of women.

Making life a little sweeter

Sarah Segal

Founder, Squish Candy – Montreal, QC

Sarah Segal has a taste for the finer candies in life. Noticing a gap in the North American market for high-end gummies, she stepped away from her role as Head of Product Development at David’s Tea to found Squish Candy. SQUISH offers over 100 varieties of artisanal gummies, featuring unique flavors and shapes with the widest vegan and vegetarian options in the market. Sarah has also taken over as CEO of David’s Tea, leading two of Canada’s most recognizable boutique retailers.

Championing Black economic development

Kerlande Mibel

President and Founder, International Black Economic Forum; President, Zwart Communication – Montreal, QC

Kerland has over a decade of experience working in economic development, and is the architect behind the Montreal Feminine Entrepreneurship Challenge and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Days for Economic Development Professionals. With an extensive background in the employability and entrepreneurship of women, Kerlande launched her communications agency, Zwart, which specializes in the marketing of diversity and multiculturalism. In 2015, she founded the International Black Economic Forum, an apolitical organization dedicated to the economic development of African and African-descendent people with the mission of accelerating Black generation of wealth.

Using science to impact the world

Natasha Dhayagude

Co-Founder Chinova Bioworks – Moncton, NB

Natasha Dhayagude is a young scientist cooking up some big things in the food-tech department. In 2016, she co-founded Chinova Bioworks, a food technology company seeking to impact the world positively through their innovative solutions. In her role as CEO and co-founder at Chinova Bioworks, Dhayagude developed a world-shattering piece of technology – a clean-label perseverative derived from mushrooms. Over the years she has successfully raised an estimated $2.5 million in investments and was also instrumental in forming strategic partnerships with several multinational food producers in the food tech industry.

Providing innovative strategy

Cynthia Dorrington

CEO, Vale and Associates – Halifax, NS

Cynthia Dorrington, owner and CEO of Vale & Associates, has an other-centred approach to business. Established in 2004, Vale & Associates specializes in producing strategic management, business consulting and HR services to organizations. For over two decades, Cynthia has excelled at providing small-to-mid businesses in three continents with the keen foresight to strengthen and expand their reach for greater impact. In 2018, Cynthia was appointed as the chair of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors and is now sits on the Chamber’s board of governors. She was the fourth woman and the first African-Nova Scotian to serve as chair in the organization’s 268-year history.

Nourishing their local economies

Sheena Russell

Founder and CEO, Made with Local – Dartmouth, NS

Sheena was born and raised in rural PEI, and maintains her deep roots in the maritime community as the founder and CEO of Made With Local. She strives to nourish the East coast market with healthy snacks made with locally-sourced ingredients. Made With Local’s commitment to supporting local extends to their workforce – they partner with social enterprises committed to employing those with barriers to employment, including those with intellectual or physical disabilities. The federal government recently invested $100,000 in the company to scale up operations. From early beginnings at farmers markets, Made With Local products can now be found in over 1,000 stores including Sobeys, Loblaws, and Whole Foods.

Caring for communities

Ann Whelan

Founder and CEO, Seafair Capital – St. John’s, NL

Anne got her start in the business world by running, and later purchasing, her mother’s home care business. Since taking over in 2007, Anne has driven growth in the family business: CareGivers has expanded to six locations across the province of Newfoundland and is the largest company under the umbrella of her holdings company, Seafair Capital. She is the CEO and sole shareholder of Seafair, a $50 million company. Anne’s focus on diversifying Seafair’s holdings has resulted in a company that is well-suited to survive the ups and downs of Newfoundland’s economy, employing over 800 people across 10 businesses.

Doing well and doing good

Zita Cobb

Founder and CEO, Shorefast – Fogo Island, NL

Zita Cobb is the founder and CEO of Shorefast and Innkeeper of the Fogo Island Inn. After completing high school on Fogo Island, Cobb decided to pursue business in her efforts to gain insider knowledge on the global economic systems that had disadvantaged Fogo Island and numerous other small communities, resulting in their gradual demise.Shorefast has a suite of charitable initiatives, including Fogo Island Arts,  the world-class artist-in-residence program Fogo Island Arts and innovative social businesses whose operating surpluses are reinvested in further community development work. Following her success as a successful high-tech innovator, she applied the same entrepreneurial knowhow into transforming Fogo Island and putting it on the map as a unique, luxury tourism destination.