Now Live: New Sharing Platform for Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Not many entrepreneurs can endure the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses alone. Now more than ever, the generosity of the ecosystem is critical to help sustain the great strides women entrepreneurs in Canada have made and continue to encourage and empower those entering the field for the first time.

The Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH), in partnership with the The Forum, is delighted to launch a new sharing platform built by SheEO to help women entrepreneurs and the women who support them across Canada easily connect.

Available in English and French, the WEKH/The Forum: Sharing Platform allows members of the women entrepreneurship ecosystem to draw from the knowledge and reach of the community and share their own learnings to access business opportunities and collaboratively tackle challenges. If you have a specific need, post an Ask that someone who can help may respond to. If you can share something beneficial with another member of the community, offer a Give.

Do you have a wealth of experience building online stores to help keep businesses thriving? You can share your expertise as a Give and reach business owners who may need your help. Are you unsure how to access the Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) and need to talk to someone who already has? Post an Ask.

Using the platform is simple. First visit on your smartphone or computer and sign-up using your email address.

Click here for detailed instructions and FAQs.

Women entrepreneurs, support organizations, and academic leaders have bound together to build resource guides, support circles, and webinars to help women founders overcome the difficulties brought by the COVID-19 global pandemic. These networks and knowledge sharing opportunities will continue to prove invaluable as conditions change and recovery moves into focus.

Join the community at and contribute your first Ask or Give.

To learn more about how the pandemic has affected women entrepreneurs in Canada, download our report: The Impact of COVID-19 on Women Entrepreneurs