WEKH Manitoba Regional Hub launches at the Asper School of Business

On April 24th 2019 the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba, launched the WEKH Manitoba Regional Hub at a roundtable event at the James. W. Burns Executive Education Centre.

A group of key leaders within the women’s entrepreneurship ecosystem were invited to an introduction to the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub and to participate in a discussion of priorities for the region. Participants from diverse backgrounds had the opportunity to share their knowledge and perspectives regarding the unique challenges facing women entrepreneurs. 

“WEKH will create an inclusive and supportive network that will amplify our collective knowledge and endeavours about what is needed to further support women and advance this important sector for economic and social well-being,” said professor Lysa Porth, Associate Dean Strategic Partnerships at the Asper School. “Our role in the WEKH is exciting, and will allow us to leverage and contribute to the work we are already doing at the Asper School, the Indigenous Business Education Partners and the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship, bolstering our local talent to drive our province’s prosperity and ingenuity to new heights.”

The WEKH Manitoba Regional Hub has used the momentum from this initial roundtable to continue to appraise, strengthen and expand our WEKH research and network of stakeholder organizations with attention to sectors of particular importance to the region, among them Indigenous women’s entrepreneurship, the arts, women in technology and bioscience, agriculture and entrepreneurship among more recent immigrants to Canada. 

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